Greater Peoria Bowling
Hall of Fame
Class of 2014 Greater Peoria BA
The GPBA Hall of Fame committee has these folks  applications for the future consideration to the Hall of

Ronald L. Schmidt

Doug Kinas        David Mackey          Doug Goss    
  *  Chris Ferguson   

Gary Strait Sr.   Dennis Jordan Sr.    Wally Jordan Jr.   Eric Zueck    

George E. Fidler       Eric McCreary    Walter Eisele            

Rob LeMasters (3/14)    Sam Franklin (2/15)  Mike Davis (2015)  

Ed Mcbee (3/15)   Ken Crew (3/15)      Brian Davis  (3/15) Les Johnson (2/16)

_______________________________Grandfathered Line______________________________________________

* Deceased                                 (Date added to the pool of names)

If you feel you should be amongst these bowlers in the GPBA Hall of Fame
click on Hall of Fame Application send it in.    

Important Criteria : Starting 4-1-2015 to be excepted into the Hall of Fame. You must be 45 years of age and
had been bowling in the Greater Peoria Bowling Association 25 years.    
Your 2016
Inductees to the Greater Peoria Bowling Assn. Hall of Fame.  Congratulations Gentlemen!!!!
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makes up your GPBA Hall of

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Update 2014
2012 Hall of Fame Board
Rick Stevenson and Jerry Davis

2 key people in getting this board
back in the Civic Center 2012
Mr. Lon Roberts

The original GPBA
retired 2014
Class of 2015 Greater Peoria BA
Willie Carnell*
Benny Barnwell
Performance Bowler
Jerry Love
Meritorious Service
Rick Remelius II
Performance Bowler
If you feel that someone is deserving of the
committee for research and consideration.

IF submitting an application print the APP
below and give to a BOARD MEMBER..
Congratulations to Brewers on receiving the first GPBA Sponsorship Award.
Featured here left to right: Rick Loy (Brewers)-Bill Mastronardi, George Brunsman, Randy
Hunt (Brewers), Rick Remelius, Joe Janusz
George Brunsman
Performance Bowler
Kenny "DJ" Combs
Performance Bowler
Kevin Masters
Meritorious Service
Ray Ogden
Meritorious Service
Dillard Clark
Performance Bowler
Daniel Kinsinger
Veteran Bowler
Tom Skaggs
Meritorious Bowler
Dave Stenger
Performance Bowler