Secretaries we have changed the awards processing through the website due to the fact that so many of you are using perfect secretary now and are able to shoot your awards to Ann directly in a PDF file.
We also had a limited amount of secretaries sending in the awards from the site.
You have now 3 ways to submit your awards: 1. Use
NEW BLUE form above submit directly. 2. Spreadsheet below (LEAGUE AWARDS SPREADSHEET) send them in via email and #3
snail mail for secretaries with no computers. Remember submit them directly to Ann Ogden via email: or by US MAIL..

League Awards Spreadsheet (NEW)  This spreadsheet is used for all local awards. Click on the link and save it your computer and then use it each time.

Instructions: Once sheet is saved to your PC, then fill in all info in yellow on the sheet. Save the file with your league name and email it. (
FREE ) no more stamps!!!

If you have an honor score 300-800-900 they must still fill out the honor awards form from but remember it is a 1 in a lifetime achievement award and have bowler and officer sign the form and send it in
to Ann Ogden

2 Ways to now add  all the bowlers that bowl honor scores (700-800-900 or 300 game) multiple times in a league. #1 submit on the RED FORM above #2 An (EXCEL SHEET) for the secretaries then email to and  
So you do not have snail mail you multiple awards forms to Ann. But most importantly all Bowlers get the due RECOGNITION in a timely manner..

Multiple Honor Scores  

For all Honor awards sent into Ann, she will send a follow-up letter to let you know its processed and contact numbers for Keepsake rings.

The key to that success is that ALL BOWLERS who shoot an award score you must follow up with your secretaries to ensure your score got turned in and they have sent the form into the GPBA to get processed.

Then it will be added to your records and added into the Electronic Yearbook

At the top of the sheet you also have Terry Rudd services for jackets,plaques and other items for recognition...

Then you have Keepsake's website as well to see more ring options..
Contact Terry for your Awards Needs
Keepsake Awards Take a look
at the awards you can receive when
Missing your award or the
recognition for the award on
Click Here
So 2014/15 will be different. Awards locally will be purchased through the local
associations going forward no longer funded by USBC.    So what does that mean?

For years and years before USBC when we all we knew ABC the big 4 awards
900-800-300-11 in a row where supplied by USBC/ABC. The final year end patches
League champs high average and so on as well.

All the patches key chains magnets no matter what, were purchased by USBC/ABC and
the supplement awards such as the ones that had Greater Peoria Bowling Association
emblem was on were purchased by the locals (the plaques and patches).
Giveaways and tournament awards all paid by the local associations.

So in 2014/2015 the BIG 3: 900-800-300 still paid for by USBC but has been turned
into a once in a lifetime achievement..
(Exceptions are in Sport Leagues and Open Championships)

11 in a row Has been eliminated by USBC

All the supplemental awards and recognition awards will now be purchased through the
local associations so we have to make some possible changes as well, do to these
awards may seem small and not expensive as 1 but for 2500 bowlers in our association it
ads up fast.

NOT Finalized yet: A Lifetime Achievement Plaque, your name and association name
with all the name plates so you can identify your achievements. Each of the BIG 3 awards
(1 per year) the GPBA would pay for a plate to be engraved and added to your plague
(FREE to you). The beauty of this award is if you want to add an achievement to this
plague outside of the BIG 3 Terry Rudd will make a name plate for you. EST cost
$1.50-$3.00 per plate)..  The GPBA will only provide 1 Achievement Plague..

Now you can see it has the GPBA logo so you know you were recognized by your local
Awards for 2016-2017
Date Bowled
Bowler Name:
Bowlers Avg.
Bowler ID #:
League Name:
Bowling Center:
# of Games Bowled
Secretary Name:
Secretary Email:
Game #1
Game #2
Game #3
Games Bowled:
All awards qualify after 12 games or returning avg. from last year. Seniors Awards (50 yrs or older) &
Can only receive one 250 game either Seniors or USBC Award
250 Game
650 Series
Seniors Only
90 over avg.
125 over avg.
175 Game
140 avg. or less
200 Game
165 avg. or less
250 Game
215 avg. or less
275 Game
All eligible
600 Series
175 and under
700 Series
215 avg. or less
# needed in the
For the Bowlers receiving just recognition:
Bowler Name
Bowler ID
Game 2
Game 3
Secretary Email