Some Information on sanction cards:

Thank you to all the members we are seeing many email addresses coming in. This really helps us reach you
better and more cost effectively.
Pres.Joe J.

The GPBA has begun to cut back on the SNAIL Mail communications. I encourage everyone out there please get your
email addresses updated on your sanction cards. These Email addresses are for the GPBA only, not for USBC to send
you emails. So they stay local... We want to send you more timely communication along with reminders of tournaments
and delegate meetings and so forth.  

FYI-Preprinted sanction cards are wonderful but 90% of them do not have updated information.

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                                                 Joe Janusz President GPBA
President's Corner:

   So today spent  the day at the State IBA in Decatur,IL. There are some things that I feel many of us would never
know about the state board for bowling if we never told you. So did you know there was a state board? Did you
know that the board operates on only the revenues from the state tournament? The IBA would like us ,the bowlers,
to pay a $1.00 for state dues so the IBA can continue to operate without a loss in revenue. The challenge to this is
that $1.00 only band-aids the issue. There is more cuts that could be made but the board is concerned that some
drastic cuts would cause us bowlers to not come to bowl in the state tournaments. I believe that if they would just
cut back on some key issues that they would operate in the blue and not need a $1.00 increase.

   One area is within the tournament itself. Who bowls for the opportunity to receive hand sanitizers or pen and pad
of paper? Not many that I know of. These types of gifts are costing the state about $4000.00 a year. I ask you the
next time you bowl state tournament let them know you would rather see that money in the prize fund and the
expenses fee so not to raise the dues. Another area is to increase price of the tournament by $5.00. These types of
cuts or additions make more financial sense than raising dues on everyone in the state that may not even know
there is a state board for bowling.

   A great feeling for someone would be to get recognized on a state level for achievement and possibly get into
the State Hall of Fame. So get involved, let your local associations what you think about some of these challenges
and stay involved with the state tournament. Its a great sport we are involved in lets keep it going.

                                                                           Joe Janusz
To all of our members and your families the GPBA wishes you the best and safest of Thanksgivings.

I really want to thank Landmark for hosting our joint Hall of Fame this year. It was a very nice evening for
our inductees and their families-friends. Once again we had a wonderful turn out from our membership
this year. We had 213 folks that came to eat dinner and help us welcome 4 men and 3 ladies into the
Joint Hall of Fame. Each inductee received a plaque, ring and certificates from our mayors, Governor
and President Barrack Obama. We were joined by IBA President John Duncan and Vice President IBA
Dee Schonkweiler. Thank you both for coming..

I have a question to all our Hall of Fame members. How do we get all of you back to the Hall of Fame
dinners year after year? We would like to have you folks welcome the new members into your
prestigious place.  I thank the group that always come to the dinners no matter where we hold them but
we sure are missing so many wonderful folks and stories of how you got there. Please reach out to the
board members, men or women with where you would like to go for that evening in November 2016.

Location must hold 210 plus people. So please help us keep this great night going well into the future.

Joe Janusz
President GPBA